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Hieno valikoima harvinaisia ja erittäin näyttäviä chili-lajikkeita.


Siemenlajitelma Fatalii Seeds : Chili Fever


  • Aji Fantasy (C. baccatum)

    Great, thick fleshed, large baccatum pods with medium heat. The plants are large baccatum type and grow very fast. The taste is excellent good as fresh and resembles a little like coffee when dried. Commonly used with cooking in many parts of South America where it’s actually very popular. Easy to grow but slow to mature. Worth the wait for sure!

    Challenge: 1 (Easy but slow to mature)

  • Jalapeno, Sweet (C. annuum)

    This jalapeno variation is not mild unlike it’s name implies. It has a nice sweetness but it will end with a surprisingly big kick in the end. The aroma is great and works well as a hotter jalapeno powder or pickle.

    Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow!)

  • Purple Pumpkin (C. annuum)

    This chili pepper is most definitely one of the most beautiful Capsicums world has ever seen! The colors are outstanding right from the beginning! Even the flowers are stunningly beautiful. The variation of colors when the pods are maturing are breathtaking! Bright colors, pastel colors, just absolutely magical scale of color types. These pods are a crisp and have a little beat of nice sweetness. Heat level is a medium, and perfectly suit all kinds of cooking. The thrive even in small pots, but when you use a bigger pot, this plant will thank you with an amazing amount of pods, which, did we already mention are out-of-this-world beautiful! Definitely as must have even if you don’t like chilis at all as these are fun to grow as an eyecatcher in your garden, greenhouse or in your house!

    Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow)

  • Yellow Fever (C. chinense)

    Extremely hot and extremely tasty chili pepper! If you are looking for a great variety for superhot cooking that makes your food taste amazing, here is a great one for you! Very prolific, quite compact plant which actually looks very gorgeous with the yellow wrinkly pods!

    Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow)

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