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6 erilaisen chili-lajikkeen kokoelma, joka on koottu yhteistyössä tunnetun chilitubettaja ChilliChumbin kanssa.


Siemenlajitelma Fatalii Seeds : ChilliChumb 2022

Taas mennään ChilliChumbin matkassa! Siemenpaketti on tehty yhteistyössä Fataliin suosikkitubettaja ChilliChumbin kanssa. Voit seurata kyseisten lajikkeiden kasvatusta ChilliChumbin tubekanavalla läpi -22 kauden. Kasvatuksesta sadonkorjuun kautta loppukäyttöön, ChilliChumb tarjoaa loistavia ohjeita niin kastikkeiden, jauheiden kuin muidenkin hyveiden valmistamiseen!


  • Buena Mulata : Very old heirloom variety from 1940’s. This plant looks absolutely gorgeous with all great colored pods! The flowers and pods start from purple and ripen to very beautiful colors! A true eye-catcher. The heat level is hot, about the same as Cayenne. A must have for any chili pepper grower. Fast to mature as well!
  • Bird’s Eye Baby : A small, very pretty ornamental chili plant suitable for small pots and indoors growing. Perfect for Bonchi-growing due to lots of tiny leaves. Surprisingly useful for cooking, too!
    If you are looking for a compact kitchen plant, this one is the one for you.
  • Bishop’s Crown : Very sweet and mild variety. Quite easy to grow. Enjoys high temperatures but can also be grown outdoors even in colder climates. Very suitable for indoor growing too.
    A great substitute for ordinary bell peppers. Very very prolific and ideal for beginner growers as well.
  • Spanish Giant : Insanely big bell pepper which has a very thick flesh as well. When seeing these pods in real life, the natural reaction is to laugh! That’s how big these are.
    The taste is actually also excellent. Sweet and aromatic. Highly recommended for home growing. Just use big enough containers if you grow these in pots.
  • Sugar Rush, Stripey : This one is a very, very unusual chili pepper as it matures to peach/orange color with red stripes!
    Sugar Rush was first grown and named by and our friend Chris Fowler did an excellent job breeding many different versions from it.
    One of the version came back as a striped version! Gladly, this variety seems to be stabile enough to keep the stripes.
    Read the full story here:
    Just above medium heat. Extraordinary excellent, very fruity aroma with sweetness and some nice fresh overtones.
    One of the best tasting chilis you can find! A must have for any chili grower. Produces excellent yields as well!
  • Big Black Mama : WARNING – EXTREMELY HOT VARIETY! Wouldn’t be surprised if this one would clock the most insane scoville units ever measured.
    Just plain terrifying heat level! It also has the great, unique aroma common for the super hot chilis.
    Tough plant, which makes it ideal for super hot bonsai chili growing, or growing in pot indoors under a lamp.
    A must have for superhot lovers!

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