Fatalii Seeds: Tasty Treats

Fatalii Seeds: Tasty Treats

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Fatalii Seeds: Tasty Treats
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Lajitelma sisältää 4 siemenpussia eksoottisia chilipaprikalajikkeita



Siemenlajitelma Fatalii Seeds : Tasty Treats


  • Blended Lemon (C. baccatum) A dream come true variety for lovers of C. baccatum chili peppers and especially for those you like Lemon Drop but would like less heat and a larger size of pods. Larger and milder than the original Lemon Drop. These plants are also extremely prolific! The taste is excellent, has also sweetness to it with a below average heat level. A must have for any grower who also likes milder chilis.
  • El Oro De Ecuador (C. baccatum) How aromatic and flavorful chili peppers can be? This variety is a great example how tasty baccatum chili peppers are! The heat level is quite mild but this can turn your cooking around.
    Besides being very tasty, this plant is actually very easy to grow and it produces lots and lots of pods all season long. A must-have variety for any grower!
  • Habanero, Orange (C. chinense) This is the very original Habanero pepper from Havana, Cuba! A true beauty with a bite to match and flavor to almost die for. Perfect for all kinds of cooking and a joy to your eyes, too. An all-time classic among chili peppers. These plants are super prolific! Ideal for bonchi growing too.
  • Italiano (C. annuum) A very pretty – and useful – hot pepper for many kinds of cooking. Perhaps this is just what your kitchen window needs? Produces a lot of pods in upward clusters. Very suitable for growing even in small pots.

Lajitelma sisältää 4 siemenpussia eksoottisia chilipaprikalajikkeita (5kpl/pss).