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Hieno valikoima harvinaisia, näyttäviä ja maistuvia chili-lajikkeita.


Siemenlajitelma Fatalii Seeds : Pepper Season


  • Aji Cito (C. baccatum)

    Said to be the hottest Capsicum baccatum chili pepper there is. It is quite hot indeed. but even more tasty! Especially great as a powder or dried flakes to boost up you cooking! This variety is also super prolific and gives easily hundreds and hundreds of pods in pots if plenty of light is provided. The taste is very sour, citrusy type. Especially great with fish food!

    Challenge: 1

  • Citron (C. chinense)

    Very very compact plant which bears a LOT of very tasty, kinda sour tasting citrucy habanero with a very nice heat! The pods mature from dark green to bright yellow. Quite fast to mature. Makes a perfect powder / flakes for your foods, also very nice citrus-like aroma when used fresh with any foods.

    Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow!)

  • Aji Fantasy, Sparkly White (C. baccatum)

    A breed of the traditional  Aji Fantasy bred by Fatalii.

    This new version is made to be more thick fleshed. The taste of these incredibly delicious pods are little less sweet, they’re much more fresh tasting and it has a ‘sparkly’ overtones compared to traditional Aji Fantasy. Quite compact plant for a C. baccatum. Gives amazing yields even in little lower light conditions. This variety is not that many generations old, so it’s not stable yet.

    Very limited supply. Get yours now if you want to grow these on the coming season.

    Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow)

  • Violet Sparkle (C. annuum)

    Gorgeous non-pungent, large pepper type with violet color which stays as stripes on a red as it matures! Absolutely stunning looks on this prolific pepper make it an ideal mild pepper to grow! Besides the stunning looks, it also has a very sweet taste which makes it super suitable for tasty stuffing or as fresh in salads or even to be eaten as it is! Isolated seeds.

    Challenge: 1 (Easy to grow)

Siemenet ovat 100% Suomalaista käsityötä, rakkaudesta lajiin.

Lajitelma sisältää 4 siemenpussia, siemeniä keskimäärin 5kpl/pussi.

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